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How to Read ePub eBooks on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch?

With the launching of Apple iPad, more and more people come to concern about ePub eBooks, as EPUB is the only eBook format that iPad users can read directly via Apple's iBooks app. EPUB, short for electronic publication, is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). It is designed for reflowable content, which means that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device automatically. In that case, eBook users could have a new, good , refreshing experience in reading eBooks on devices without havig to scroll the page to fit on the screen. A survey shows that, eBook lovers particularly like the way they read on iPad via iBook, because the slim, high-resolution, LED-backlit widescreen of iPad displays everything in a sharp, glaring way. so it's very easy to read, even in low light,' Apple claims. Here I'd like to show how to read ePub eBooks on iPad, iPad 2, iPhone (iPhone 4S) and iPod Touch.

Read ePub eBooks on Apple iPad/iPad 2
ePub eBooks can be read directly on iPad via iBooks app. Users can download the iBooks app free from the App Store. Run the app and tap the iBooks icon on iPad/iPad 2, and the bookshelf appears. Tap the book cover and users can read the ebook. iBooks receives ePub eBooks from iBookstore, but users can also add their own ePub eBooks via iTunes syncing. To get eBooks from iBookstore, tap the Store button in the upper-left corner of the bookshelf, and users can browse tens of thousands of books in the iBookstore –many of them are free. Download the ebook and then the ebook appears on the bookshelf. Besides the iBookstore, people also can convert eBooks from PDF to EPUB, or download some ePub eBooks directly from the internet to get some ePub eBooks.
Read ePub on iPad

Read ePub eBooks on iPhone and iPod Touch

Besides iPad users, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the second- and third-generation iPod touch users are able to read ePub eBook directly on their devices via iBooks app, since iOS 4 was released on June 24, 2010. By  updating to their iPhone or iPod Touch to iOS 4,  users can easily add their own ePub eBooks via iTunes syncing.

And for the users whose iPhone and iPod touch can't update to iOS 4, Lexcycle Stanza is necessary to read ePub eBooks on iPhone or iPod Touch. Lexcycle Stanza is a freeware program for reading eBooks. Stanza comes in two forms: Stanza iPhone/iPod, and Stanza Desktop. Stanza iPhone/iPod allows users to manage a library of books on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Click here to download Stanza iPhone/iPod for free.

Note: If you want to build your own EPUB eBooks from Word, PDF, txt, HTML, EPUB, CHM, and images for reading on iPad, you can try the all-in-1 EPUB Builder.

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